Security Management

J8 Security’s purpose is to assist your company in managing security functions and to provide the proper resources to accomplish this. Our clients gain an advantage from our senior management team that collectively has over 50 years of experience in security management-related services.

We offer a broad range of security management services both regionally and nationally, including:

  • Security officer services – unarmed and unarmed
  • Investigations
  • Risk management
  • Risk reduction
  • Executive protection
  • Special operations
  • Labor strike security management
  • Event security management for concerts and sporting events

Our services are backed by experienced security professionals that will work with you on developing and executing a realistic, workable plan for your particular security needs. We help you protect your property, prevent loss, and limit your liability exposure by providing you with realistic and workable strategies.

Call 440-596-1002 to learn how J8 Security can provide you with the best security solution.