J8 Security provides complete, essential security guard services to diverse facilities across Ohio. Through effective management, hiring, and communication, clients receive a high level of security from personnel who are prepared to perform well.

Most of our clients have been with us for over a decade. If you find yourself in a cycle of constantly replacing guard companies that don’t measure up, please ask us about our long-term clients and the high ratings they give J8 for our superior security services.

Services include:

  • Security guards or guard force: armed and unarmed
  • Strike force services: armed and unarmed
  • Professional security officers
  • Special operations security services
  • Crowd management

Types of Businesses:

  • Corporate offices & head quarter
  • Shopping centers & retail stores
  • Hospitals & healthcare facilities
  • Banks & financial institutions
  • Sports & entertainment venues
  • Apartments & residential communities
  • Utilities & critical infrastructure

Security Starts with People…

At J8 Security, our people make the difference. We distinguish ourselves from other providers in a number of ways. All efforts of J8 Security revolve around developing our personnel in every aspect of Human Resource Management. This pride and professionalism can be seen in our recruiting, pre-employment screening, training, supervision and management. Below are the significant points in each area, which is unique to J8 in this marketplace. As you review them, ask yourself if you believe they are important. Then, more importantly, ask your current provider.

Recruiting is most effective with a diversified approach to attract a variety of candidates. Want ads are “the norm” for the security industry. However, J8 takes the time to develop ads geared towards each clients’ individual needs. We also go beyond the ads, we attend job fairs, go into classrooms at local colleges and peace officer classes at local academies.

Selection is not just a hiring decision at J8. Security. Officers are chosen according to each clients’ requirements. Once selected the security candidate will have a thorough background check including a drug screen, social security number trace, trace for a criminal history in his county of residence and county of employment (if different), and a DMV is ran. Employment records are verified for the past seven (7) years.

Training is quickly becoming a “buzz” word in the security field. Training has always been recognized as an important aspect of our security program. Besides security training relevant to a particular client, officers receive training in industry trends, safety matters, and CPR and AED certifications (if required).

J8 Security management and supervision understand their responsibilities to employees and clients. It is the satisfaction of these two groups that determines success or failure in this business. J8 Security doesn’t just catch employees doing things wrong…we love to catch and reward employees for doing things right.
Call us at 440-596-1002 to learn how J8 can provide you with the best security solution.