Security Assessment

J8 Security offers national, comprehensive security risk assessment services.

A “changed” world presents many security challenges, from workplace violence, to breach of customer information, to natural disasters or terrorism. Use our comprehensive security risk assessment services to find areas where you may be at risk, including vulnerability and threats that can endanger your assets, safety/security procedures, and documentation.

At J8 Security, we offer recommendations and strong counter-measures to protect your assets, organization, and employees.

Security Assessment Services:

Security Risk Assessment: Identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and providing for plans and application of countermeasures proven to reduce risk and liability.

Security Management: Consulting comprehensive security programs, methods, and measures across the entire range of security applications to prevent loss, reduce risk and liability, and protect assets.

Security Coaching for Executives, Law Firms, Security Managers, or Security Directors: With more aspects to security emerging than ever before in American business, it is crucial to make sure your security functions are performed to standards.

Investigative Support: General investigative support for law firms, individual attorneys, and other organizations.

Physical & Electronic Security: Security system and protection design consulting for buildings, corporations, and executive homes, from alarms to access control and more.

Executive & Family Protection: Protection services ranging from design of systems to providing family information and coaching, the main purpose being to reduce exposure to harm and prevent loss to wealthy or highly recognized individuals and families.

Training & Education: Conduct workshops/seminars regarding security investigations, managing economic losses from crime, identity management and protecting consumer information.

Employment Security Issues: Investigation for employment issues relating to harassment or discrimination, general ethics, white collar crime, fraud, and business conduct. Planning and training for workplace violence, difficult or potentially dangerous terminations, and other employee matters.

Physical Security & Security Personnel: Strike and crisis planning, event management, consulting for school safety/security measures, fire protection, critical incident management, due diligence investigation, employee background screening, and consulting for security officer and guard services.

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